Rattan Furniture With Style By Expormim

rattan chairs expormim

Outdoor furniture in Sweden is pretty boring. It’s easy to understand why; there is no market for it. We have short summers and lots of rain, so what we look for is usually something affordable that we can stand looking at for a month or two. Comfort and style would be nice, but it’s a hard combo to find here where everything is either boxy woven plastic sofas or rickety café style chairs. This is not the case in Spain! We visited several brands with really cool outdoor furniture in different styles, so my tip if you are looking to update your garden or patio, look to the mediterranean countries, they know what they are doing.


The first brand I want to show you is Expormim who are experts when it comes to rattan furniture, having had their own factory/workshop in a small village outside Valencia for 55 years. This is also where the showroom is located, in a carefully renovated and very beautiful former post station from the 18th century. We visited both, and were fascinated by the handcraft and expertise that goes into every little detail of their designs. Here is a video that Susanna shot where you can see how to bend rattan, and even though it looks easy here, you should have seen the arm muscles on that guy… It definitely takes some strength to do that!






Photos: Allan Torp & Susanna Vento

Our events were part of the Design Bloggers United Spain tour and arranged for us by Spanish Design Companies Association RED (Reunión Empresas de Diseño), a non-profit organization formed to promote Spanish design in international markets.



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