Simon Freund – Minimalist Essentials


I have so much material for blog posts right now that I don’t know where to start. There is my recent Spain blog tour, a trip to Berlin where I stayed in an amazing photo studio, and of course all the autumn news from brands and designers that I want to share with you.


But while pondering what I should write about first, I stumbled over a post about German designer Simon Freund on Minimalissimo, with great photos, that I just had to share immediately.

Simon Freund has designed a collection of essentials ranging from wool socks to metal chairs, all minimalist, top quality sustainable items for you and your home.



”Simon Freund is a young artist working in the field of consumable goods. Each object is a reflection of Simon Freund’s very personal understanding of design, aesthetic and functionality.

With a profound understanding for design and the use of materials, Simon Freund collaborates with local designers, craftsmen and manufacturers. Maintaining a close relationship to his roots, he is committed to keeping the full design and production cycle in Germany.

 Simon Freund’s collection is grounded in permanent objects that are further added to in irregular regularity.”



The blog will be back in full force next week when the school holidays are over, but before that I am spending the weekend in Copenhagen, visiting the North Modern Fair. I’m positive I will have even more great things to share with you all when I get back from there!