Small Kitchen Ideas from HTH



The trend towards down-sizing your living space is strong all over the world, as more and more people move into the cities where square meters are expensive. Along with that comes smaller kitchens, with more needs for smart and flexible solutions that take advantage of every available bit of space without making it look cramped or messy. Luckily, kitchen producers have caught on to this, like HTH for example, and there are now many ideas and products out there to help maximize a tiny kitchen. Here are some of my tips:

1. Utilize it: Make sure to take advantage of all available space, all the way from the floor to the ceiling, by installing drawers in the kickboards and using extra high cabinets that meet the ceiling instead of leaving unused space on top of wall cabinets that will only collect grease and dust. If you have some space left over the table or on another wall, put some open shelving up to add a personal touch and keep the room from getting to sterile.

Bonus tip: Keep the colours very light, like white or light gray, to avoid that your compact kitchen becomes visually overwhelming.





2. Roll It: WorkID is a worktop and storage on wheels that can easily be rolled around to wherever you need some extra space for cooking, working or dining, and then go back to its hidden space underneath the worktop.

Bonus tip: Hang your utensils on the wall to save room in the drawers.




3. Fold It: TableID is a wall mounted table big enough for two, that folds up to become a cabinet for tableware and other small items, and on the outside of the cabinet door; leather pocket storage that would be perfect for home office supplies that need to be cleared off the table before eating.


This post was produced in collaboration with HTH, but all words, opinions and image selections are my own.



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