Styling with tech products, the B&O way


beoplay bang olufsen artist studio ems designblogg


I always get a bit confused when trying to fit tech products into my home. Should I hide it behind some cupboard doors, or leave it out in plain sight and try to get it to mix in with the rest of my things? The first approach doesn’t quite work for things like speakers etc.


The later only works if you have either a) a lot of stuff to mix it in with or b) really good looking tech things. I have neither. This has instead led me to shy away from having things like a tv or good speakers in my home. Not a very practical solution…

The pictures below shows solution b), with great looking products from the Beoplay range by Bang & Olufsen, in colours that match current interior trends, so should be very easy to get them to mingle with your chosen home accessories.


bang olufsen round speaker ems designblogg

beoplay a9 black bang olufsen ems designblogg

Beolit15 bang olufsen ems designblogg

beoplay a2 bang olufsen ems designblogg

beoplay s8 bang olufsen ems designblogg

beoplay v1 bang olufsen white loft ems designblogg

Produced in collaboration with B&O, but the choice of subject and images was mine, and all words and opinions are completely my own.



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