The Home of Hanna Wessman

Gray perfection...

hanna wessman livingroom


Hanna Wessman is probably best known to the masses in Sweden for being a tv-show host of Äntligen Hemma, a home renovation/decorating show where she has been seen for the last few years. I on the other hand don’t watch tv, and have known Hanna as a very inspiring blogger and interior decorator since she started blogging seven years ago. Strangely enough, living in the same city, we hadn’t actually met until last autumn when we were placed at the same table at a party. Five minutes later and we were chatting like we’d known each other for years. She’s extremely friendly and energetic, and fun, on top of being very hard working and talented! She now runs not only her own blog, but a blog portal with nine other bloggers, an online design shop, a furniture design brand, and her successful decorating business.


Her home is dreamy, so well curated. Full of amazing design pieces, you’d never know there are children living there. There are though, two of them, but I’m guessing their rooms don’t have glass tables and lamps by Flos in them… Or maybe they do?

See the full feature of the home here.

Photos: Erik Lefvander



hanna wessman home office shelf

hanna wessman home



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