To Whom It May Concern – Unisex Organic Clothing Essentials

To whom it may concern. is an independent label and creative company run by a small number of creators from different art fields. They create out of passion for art and our aim with their releases and product-making is high quality, equality, sustainability and functionality.

to whom it may concern box of necessities


I just heard of the Swedish unisex fashion brand To whom it may concern, due to them opening a popup shop in Stockholm today (organized old school rave style, you have to email them for location). I really like their style and concept, which isn’t just about organic wardrobe basics, but they also make music and videos. Pictured here is their ”Necessity Box” containing just about anything you need to compose an equally cool and comfy outfit.



to whom it may concern_ box of necessities


what is necessary, and what purpose do the items we use in our everyday life serve? is it our right to consume endlessly, and do we need to?

we think that creating and releasing our music, films and wear comes with a responsibility to care for the environment throughout the process. to give back to what we were brought up to take for granted.

TWIMC creates from a point of view of a generation where gender categorisation isn’t relevant or needed, and where awareness of the footprints we leave in our environment and in our communication with each other is present.

“necessities” is a unisex line of organic clothing essentials with the purpose to encourage a sustainable mindset, and where the item is meant to fit the person and its identity and not an ideal. it is what it is.

Below is a video shot in Iceland, where I spent last weekend at the DesignMarch festival, so more posts from there are coming up soon.