Trendenser and Friends

Vases by Frida Ramstedt and ceramist Thérese Hagström Olsson, plus some blog love.

trendenser and friends vases


Frida Ramstedt of the blog Trendenser is probably the most ambitious blogger I know of. She seems to always be pushing her brand further, creating new opportunities for herself and her company, constantly coming up with new ideas and concepts, and what is even more important; she follows them through. I am very impressed, and while I might not personally share the same goals as Frida, I often wish I had her drive and energy.


Frida’s latest endeavor is a project called Trendenser & Friends, in which she supports female artists and develops new products in collaboration with them, which are then available through Trendenser’s social media channels for a limited time each. The first featured artist is ceramist Thérese Hagström Olsson, who made these delicate vases with a new spotted glaze for Trendenser & Friends.

Read more here or on instagram.


trendenser and friends vase