Usine – a New Restaurant Concept by Richard Lindvall

Usine Shanghai Chef Photo

The other week I showed you a little sneak peak of designer Richard Lindvall‘s latest project Usine. I was there last weekend to shoot the press photos with Mikael Axelsson, and now they are all ready to share with you!

Usine is a 2000 sqm space including Restaurant Bistro 38, Bar Poche 36, café, take-away, reception and conference spaces, opened at the end of April 2015 in Stockholm, created by internationally renowned designer Richard Lindvall. The style is a mix of French­-Scandinavian bistro and minimalist industrialism, with touches of Art Deco. The main materials besides the 48 tons of concrete that was used in the interiors, are white tiles, stretched metal and white pigmented maple, with details in leather, marble, galvanized steel and Valcromat, resulting in a space that definitely stands out from the crowd in Sweden’s restaurant scene.

Connecting the three rooms is a spacious corridor that also serves as a gallery space curated by Dennis Blomberg from Noll Images, with new exhibitions coming up continuously.

This post turned into quite a picture bomb, but this space is so huge that we have a gigantic amount of photos, so I did my best to edit it down for you. I hope you like them!


Photos: Mikael Axelsson, except for the top photo by Johan Annerfelt.

Styling: Em Fexeus

usine_interior_mikael axelsson-ems designblogg


usine_interior_mikael axelsson-129_web

usine_interior_mikael axelsson-1.1_web

usine_interior_mikael axelsson-6.1_web

usine food collage

usine_interior_mikael axelsson-40_web

usine_interior_mikael axelsson-103_web

usine material collage

usine_interior_mikael axelsson-36_web

usine_interior_mikael axelsson-100.1_web






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