Villa Altona by The Common Office

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A rare architectural gem on the property market, Villa Altona by The Common Office is up for sale. This house has been mentioned as one of the most interesting homes in Sweden by Sveriges Arkitekter, published in magazines and featured in a tv show about great architecture, and it’s not difficult to see why. The use of stretched metal and concrete, gigantic windows, combined with interesting solutions and angles and an unusual floor plan on a steep and oddly shaped plot makes this house unique.

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”The building is divided into four very narrow units, each 2,85m wide. This makes the building very naturally adopt its footprint to the terrain. Furthermore are the four units offset to each other both horizontally and vertically. The facade seems to fold itself in the landscape, avoiding trees and boulders and provides light from all points of the compass. A large centrally placed and retractable sky light (3,0 x 2,2m) fills the interior with light and contributes to the transparency of the building.
The interior is almost one continuous room. The building units offset relative to each other, creating smaller private spaces within the large room. The family members’ private rooms have very generous proportions and borders directly to the common ”negotiable” room. The relation between negotiable-, and private rooms are regulated with large sliding wall partitions.”

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