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The world is in a state of chaos, with people all across the globe being forced to flee from their homes due to war, catastrophes or poverty. In Europe, we have a disastrous situation with families dying in the Mediterranean ocean on their way to safer shores, and the survivors being denied at the borders of the EU. A week ago I had enough of watching this go on straight in front of me and decided to do something to help, so together with some other Swedes I started an initiative called Vi Gör Vad Vi Kan (=We Do What We Can) to collect money, clothes and other necessities for Syrian refugees landing on the small Greek island of Lesvos. As we speak, there are 17 000 people stuck on Lesvos, living in improvised camps or on the streets, unable to move on to the mainland and continue their flight to find asylum in Europe.

The word of our initiative spread like wildfire and now, one week later, we have raised an amazing €850 000, and are filling a multitude of trucks with things needed on the shores of Lesvos. Some of us, including myself, are flying down next week to make sure it all lands in the right hands and to see first hand how we can use the money in the best ways possible.

If you are in Sweden and would like to help, here is how.


The photos in this post are from another great project; the Nepal Project by Danish design brand Menu who have teamed up with Norm Copenhagen, Note Design, Afteroom and A Hint of Neon, to head the design process of an on-going development project in Nepal.


In Nepal, many girls and young women are being tricked into prostitution, sent to India and later excluded from their families. A way to prevent this issue is to give the girls an opportunity to support themselves and their families from an early age. This can happen by giving the girls a decent job by utilizing their immaculate weaving skills and the regions natural resources.


Photos by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen/Norm Architects





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