Weekend Dinner Inspiration

Dinner table with Thonet chairs styled by Lotta Agaton

Some inspiration for your weekend dinners, in the form of a dinner table styled by Lotta Agaton, and a link to a wonderful food blog that I found through HusligheterOur Food Stories is written by Laura and Nora, a photographer and a food stylist, based in Berlin.


You’ll find amazing photos and recipes, all gluten free and vegetarian.

As it happens, I am in Berlin right now, staying in a super cool photo studio for the weekend! I’ll show you pictures later, but for now I am off to find some dinner for myself. I have been following the blog Stil In Berlin for a long time, and it’s shock full of great tips on where to go, so I have no doubt I’ll end up in a nice place if I just follow their advice.

Have a great weekend everyone!

our food stories coffee pouring

our food stories mushrooms



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