The Frama Kitchen In A New Light

Black, industrial, practical; putting the Frama kitchen in a new space changed the way I look at it.

black industrial kitchen by Frama


We’ve all seen the Frama kitchen in the home of founder Niels Strøyer Christophersen, where it looks rather rustic and perhaps a bit difficult to imagine in your own home as Niels’ space is very special with its unfinished walls and conceptual furnishing. Now for the first time I saw it in another home, and it looks quite different there, I think. Much more industrial, and also way more practical. And it’s black, which is of course an added bonus in my eyes…

See the rest of the home in

Found via Trendenser, with thanks.

Photographer: Line Thit Klein


dining room with black floors

bench with magazine piles and snoopy lamp

basement bathroom with original brick floor


Northern Lighting In ”My” Berlin Loft

Northern Lighting 2016


Remember back in March when I travelled to Berlin and stayed in this art filled loft? My blogger friend Per Olav saw the post and decided it was the perfect location for his upcoming shoot with Northern Lighting, so he flew over together with photographer Chris Tonnesen to make the new campaign photos there. It really is an amazing space, so I totally understand his choice.

Here are some of my favorite pics!


Northern Lighting 2016

Northern Lighting candle holder


Former Warehouse Turned Airy Home In Copenhagen

With an atrium garden, rooftop terrace and terrazzo kitchen to boost.


Located in the recently gentrified Islands Brygge area of Copenhagen, this former warehouse is now the spacious home of photographer Peter Krasilnikoff, and aptly named Peter’s House by the architecture firm behind the conversion, Studio David Thulstrup.

”Our inspiration evolved from worn-out warehouses and factories with their blackened steel and old bricks; a concept which was sparked by the desire to retain the three raw-brick walls of the old garage onsite. Additionally, we saw inspiration in urban rooftop gardens and innovative green zones of buzzing cosmopolitan cities – to answer the client’s request of an integrated green space.

The design is focused around a central mirror-clad atrium, which floods all three floors of the residence with natural light. The atrium is lush with specially selected grasses, plants and a feature tree which is visible from all floors – creating a central and bright oasis.”


Peters House by Studio David Thulstrup Dining Space




Peters House Studio David Thulstrup Wooden Bedroom Walls


I fell for the stunning terrazzo kitchen with the metal clad walls contrasting against the original brick wall.


Peters House Studio David Thulstrup Terrazzo Kitchen




Via Dezeen

Photo by Peter Krasilnikoff