The KOTO family extends, and more news from Skandinavisk


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 You might remember KOTO, the large scented candle we made in collaboration with Skandinavisk? It turned out to get so big that it now had a couple of siblings! Let me introduce the KOTO 190 gr candle, and the KOTO reed diffuser. Many have asked for a smaller version of the candle, and here it is now. ”Normal” sized, with one wick instead of four like the first one. The diffuser is a premiere product from Skandinavisk, perfect for spaces where you can’t constantly watch a candle (I’m thinking bathroom, entrance or another room where you aren’t really hanging out but still want to create some hygge with a nice scent), or where fire isn’t appropriate. These new products will be available in stores before Easter, and are currently being shown at the design fairs around Europe.

Skandinavisk is also introducing some other exciting news, like the DAG and NAT scents, and LEMPI (traditional Finnish word for love), that all match our candle really well. You can read more about the scents and the thoughts behind them here.


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